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Unless you don’t own a car or motorcycle, you’ve got to be somewhat aware about the cost of new tires today (unless you’re buying used). And even then, used tires aren’t cheap. When I am forced to get new tires, for whatever reason, I start sweating. I know tires are expensive, but not quite sure how much they will cost; if I’ll have to buy new or used, whether I’ll be able to afford an entire set, or if I’ll only be able to get 1 or 2. On top of the cost of the tires, I’ll have to pay for installation, tire disposal fees, additional services, and maybe even a road hazard warranty – it’s adding up to more than I can afford!

Of course, tire costs vary considerably depending on brand, style, and size (for example, 20-inch tires for a large pickup truck will cost more than 15-inch tires for a small hatchback). Whether the purchase has been planned or if the situation is an emergency or unforeseen need, I’m wondering if this expense could have been avoided.

I know that someone told me a LONG time ago that all tires should be aligned, to keep them running efficiently for the real life of the tire. I either thought I already knew that or just wasn’t listening or both, but I’m sure that throughout my life, I’ve wasted a lot of money not heeding this advice!

What happens if you don’t get your wheels aligned?

One of the most significant dangers of not getting a wheel alignment is the risk to yourself and others. Without a wheel alignment, your tires will develop uneven wear, the suspension quality diminishes, and steering problems are entirely likely. All of these problems can affect your car’s wear, your ability to keep the car on the road, and thus, keep your passengers safe and secure. If you wait to get a wheel alignment until it’s too late, you could find yourself buying new tires more often.

There are actually 3 types of premature and uneven wear and tear on your tires:

Feathering: Tires are “feathered” when the tread is sharp on one side and smooth or worn on the other. This wear occurs when there’s a combination of improper alignment settings.

Camber wear: If the inside or outside edge of the tire tread is more worn than the center, it could be due to camber wear. Camber refers to the angle of your tires on the vehicle frame, and it can be positive or negative depending on the angle. Positive camber refers to tilting outward, while negative camber refers to the tire tilting inward. While some positive or negative camber is OK, too much of either is bad. Proper alignment can correct these conditions.

Heel and toe wear:  You can zoom in on individual sections of your tire, called “tread blocks.”  If one side of a tread block looks like it’s wearing down faster than the other side, it’s called heel and toe wear. A symptom of heel/toe wear can be vibration and noise. Uneven wear can be fixed with proper alignment.

All of these types of uneven and premature wear and tear on your tires can be fixed with proper alignment. A poor alignment will harm your tires and you’ll have to replace them more often – a negative impact on your bank account!!


There are a lot of other problems that arise when the tires aren’t properly aligned, for example:


Fuel Efficiency

Misalignment typically decreases gas mileage by up to 10%, writes Investopedia. Misaligned tires drag, instead of rolling freely. That means if your tires aren’t aligned properly, you’ll probably spend more on gas. A wheel alignment could help you conserve fuel and fill up less often.

Smoother Ride

When you’re out of alignment, your car tends to pull to the right or left. Your ride becomes bumpy and the car shakes. A wheel alignment smooths out your ride and makes it more comfortable.

Improved Steering

Your steering may be affected if your car’s wheels are out of alignment. You’ll have to hold the steering wheel in an awkward angle to drive straight and prevent veering from side to side. This lack of control increases your likelihood of getting into an accident. Proper wheel alignment means you’re able to maintain control and prevent driving directly into a collision.

Fewer Auto Repairs

The roads are rough out there. A little jolt could lead to bigger problems if your tires are misaligned. If you hit a pothole, for example, it could damage your tires and even your car’s suspension system. Spending a small amount on a wheel alignment can avoid paying much more for extensive auto repairs in the future.

Other Things To Watch Out For:

In addition to aligning your tires, be sure to check the air pressure in your tires, rotate your tires and make sure your wheels are properly balanced. Check back to our site for more articles about extending the life of your car and tires with these easily overlooked car maintenance issues coming up soon!


In the end, make sure you heed the advice and get a wheel alignment – it will be well worth it. An alignment is easy to obtain and well worth the small investment in your tires and car.  If you’re in the North Houston Area and looking for an auto repair shop with integrity, consider calling Alpha Omega Tire & Auto located at 10513 Airline Drive between I45 & Airline, South of the Beltway or call 346-413-0967 or visit the site at https://alphaomegatireandauto.com/