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Suspension System Repair & Replacement

A vehicle’s suspension system (shocks or struts) is something that most people take for granted.

But what are the components of a suspension system? 

Your car’s suspension is made up of a number of parts including a set of springs used to absorb bumps & the impact of riding in your car on an often uneven road surface.  It also includes “struts” that act to ‘support” your springs plus a set of “shocks” (short for shock absorbers” that limit your car’s bounce by absorbing movement in the suspension springs.

What about Bushings?

Bushings are also part of your car’s suspension system.  They’re small polyurethane or rubber cushions that reduce friction between the metal parts in your car. The most common bushings are the “Control Arm Bushings” (aka A-arm bushings or wishbone bushings) and the Sway Bar Bushings but there are also other bushings positioned between the suspension and the frame in several areas of the automobile. 

So what does the suspension actually do?

Most owners think that having a working suspension is only about a comfortable and smooth ride. They believe that fixing the brakes or getting an oil change are far more important. If your suspension is damaged, however, you will notice it! A bad suspension can affect your ability to stop or turn, is actually dangerous, and is critical to the overall safe operation of the automobile. 

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What Would Be Done?

How can you tell if it’s time for a suspension repair?

  1. Bumps and bounces. First, check if you are starting to feel every bump or bounce in the ride. This is an obvious sign that your system is wearing out.
  2. A drift or “pull” during a turn. When you start to feel the vehicle drift or pull when turning, this usually means that the shocks aren’t keeping the body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn. If this happens, you risk a rollover.
  3. Lurching. When shocks or struts are worn out, you might feel the vehicle body lurch forward and even make a sort of “nose dive” when you apply the brakes.  This can prevent your ability to stop quickly by as much as 20% and can be dangerous. 
  4. Uneven tire treads. Look at your tires. Do you notice uneven wear and tear? Bald spots often indicate uneven pressure caused by a suspension in need of repair and will cause tires to wear out prematurely.
  5. Greasy, “oily” shocks. Look directly under your car or truck at the suspension. If your shocks or struts look greasy or oily, they are probably leaking fluid and should be replaced.
  6. Try the simple “bounce test.” Put your vehicle into “park.” Press down on the front with all of your weight making it bounce a few times. Do the same thing on the rear of the vehicle. If it continues to bounce or rock more than 2 or 3 times after you release it, your suspension is wearing out.

The most obvious signs that your suspension is beyond repair and probably needs to be replaced are:

  1. Your vehicle’s mileage is past 50,000
  2. You’re having trouble steering
  3. You can’t stop without feeling like the auto is dipping or diving
  4. Suspension problems aren’t something you should mess around with and will end up costing you more in the long run.  Replacing your system keeps you and your family safe on the road and out of danger.